Testpoint drivers and examples


Examples are not actually supplied for TestPoint, but driving Pico Units in TestPoint is quite straightforward. The following is the method for using Pico drivers to collect data from an ADC-10 unit. Pico driver calls are all very similar so this example could easily be adapted for other units.


1. Drag a "CODE" object from the stock menu onto the panel.

2. Fill in the Object settings as shown here:


The DLL Filename should point towards the location of adc1016.dll, so for example if it was in c:\pico you would enter "c:\pico\adc1016.dll" in the space provided

3. Drag another "CODE" object from the stock menu onto the panel

4. Fill in the Object settings with the following values:

DLL Filenameadc1016.dll
Subroutine Nameadc10_get_value
Argument Types
Return Typeword

5. Drag a "Pushbutton" object from the stock menu onto the panel

6. Change the name of this object to "Open Unit" in the Settings menu.

7. Select the "Actions" tab on the now named "Open Unit" object.


8. Drag the adc10_open_unit code from the Objects list onto the above actions.

9. Enter 1 (for port1) in the first allocated space and 10 (for ADC-10) in the second.

10. Drag another "Pushbutton" object from the stock menu onto the panel along with a “Display” object and a “Math” object.

11. Change the name of the Pushbutton to "Get Value" and the name of the Display to "Voltage".

12. Double click on the "MATH" object in the "Objects" list, and enter the following settings:

Argument Types
Return Typeword

13. Double click on the “Get Value” object and select the "Actions" tab.

14. Drag "adc10_get_value" code onto the Actions sheet.

15. Drag the "MATH" object onto the Actions sheet and set it to "Calculate". Set x to adc10_get_value.

16. Drag the “Voltage” display object onto the above Actions sheet and drag adc->volts onto the space provided:

17. Run the application, press the “Open unit” button and then the “Get Value” button. Below is the panel running with an AA battery connected to the ADC-10.

testpoint drivers and examples

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