PicoLog data logging software (DOS version)

PicoLog is a powerful but flexible data logging package for collecting, analysing and displaying data from the Pico ADC range.

PicoLog for DOS is no longer updated. PicoLog for Windows is far more advanced.

PicoLog for DOS does not support products released since 1998 (eg DrDAQ, 12 bit ADC-11, ADC-200, ADC-212 or ADC-216.)

Each recorded sample can be the minimum, maximum or average of a number of readings taken over a period from a millisecond to a day. Advanced scaling functions can convert inputs from a wide range of sensors into sensible units. Linear scaling can be done with the slope and offset functions, non linear sensors (such as thermistors) can be calibrated using a lookup table. Equation scaling allows mathematical operations to be carried out. For example, to calculate the power from a boiler the output temperature could be subtracted from the input temperature and multiplied by the flow.

Picolog includes four types of report which may be displayed during or after data collection:

y - t graphs (up to 8 traces displayed against time)
x - y graphs (one trace against another)
monitor reports (real time display of current value with alarm functions)
Tabulation reports (text reports suitable for export to a spreadsheet)

For long term data collection, PicoLog can automatically start a new run once an old one is completed; the amount of data that can be collected is limited only by your hard disk space. If there is a power failure whilst collecting data, PicoLog can be set up to automatically continue when the power returns.

Software Requirements

PicoLog data logging software requires the following hardware: IBM PC or AT compatible running MS DOS V3.00 or above. CGA, EGA, VGA or Hercules compatible display. Printers supported are Epson FX and LQ series, HP Laserjet and Deskjet (additional printer, plotter and graphics drivers available separately). All software supplied on 3.5" disk.
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