Linux drivers for Oscilloscopes and Data Loggers

Linux Demand for Linux applications is growing steadily in the networking and scientific communities. Linux offers powerful networking and internet facilities, is very robust and there are NO LICENSE FEES!

Pico now provides Linux drivers for several products, and is working on drivers for the remaining products. The drivers were developed for Red Hat 6.0, and are being tested for compatibility with Red Hat 5.2.

Drivers for serial port products

The drivers for these products take readings continuously and update a block of shared memory. Application programs running on the same computer can get readings by simply accessing the shared memory. Other computers can get readings via an IP network. PicoLog running on a Windows computer can remotely access readings measured using a Linux computer.

A typical application is remote monitoring, via an existing IP network and Linux servers, for a number of computer rooms.

Drivers for the Enviromon stand alone data logger

The Linux EnviroMon agent accepts IP messages, forwards them to the logger and then returns the response to the caller. The agent can handle requests from multiple callers-both local and remote- and is fully compatible with EnviroMon agents for other platforms. EnviroMon for Windows can access a remote logger via a permanent IP network or via a dial-up connection. Because the EnviroMon logger can store readings, it is particularly suited to operation using dial-on-demand connections, as data can be transferred daily, or hourly, as required.

Typical applications include weather monitoring at a remote radar installation.

To download the EnviroMon LINUX driver click here

Drivers for PC based oscilloscopes / spectrum analyzers

Product Sample rae Resolution
ADC-200/20 20Msps 8-bit
ADC-200/50 50Msps 8-bit
ADC-200/100 100Msps 8-bit
ADC-212 3Msps 12-bit
ADC-216 333ksps 16-bit

The Linux driver for the ADC-200 range is fully compatible with the driver for other platforms.

To download the ADC200/212/216 LINUX driver click here

Typical applications include a system to record ground tremors and save to disk spectra of interesting events.

Coming soon....

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