PICO TECHNOLOGY leder utvecklingen av PC-BASERADE produkter för DATAACQUISITION och erbjuder nu IP DATA TRANSFER för alla sina PRODUKTER och har också SUPPORT för LINUX.

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Cambridge, UK, 31 January 2000 - Pico Technology has announced Internet Protocol (IP) networking support for its PicoLog, software for PCs used in data-logging applications, and EnviroMon, software for standalone data loggers, products. This enables remote data collection from Pico Technology's full range of data acquisition products.

"There has always been demand for remote measurement, however the cost has been prohibitive for most applications," says Mike Green, MD of Pico Technology. "But using IP networking, it is now possible to transfer measurements from a remote site via an existing LAN, company network, or even over the Internet. At virtually no cost."

PicoLog is ideal for short-term or intermittent data acquisition, whereas the EnviroMon system provides reliable, continuous, long-term data acquisition. Both products support Pico conditioners, which work with a wide range of sensors to measure virtually any parameter. PicoLog can also access Pico Technology's high resolution voltage measuring devices, like the ADC16, general purpose devices, such as the ADC11 and ADC12, and high speed conditioners like the ADC200 and ADC212.

"Customers can run PicoLog or EnviroMon data logging software on a PC or standalone data logger respectively and then remotely access these devices from another computer," continues Green. "You might, for example, wish to monitor environmental conditions in a remote computer room or mobile phone base station. In addition, remote access through IP is also appealing to those employing the Linux operating system."

Linux, with its powerful networking capabilities and the attraction of requiring no licence fee, is growing in popularity. It is particularly well suited to remote data logging applications, where a Windows Licence fee could easily add 20% to the cost of a basic system. Green concludes: "We provide Linux drivers for most of our products and, with our PicoLog and EnviroMon data logging software now supporting IP, it's possible to develop a system with multiple remote sites employing Linux and have just one Windows interface at the central data collection point."


Mer information om hur du sätter upp ett IP-Network finner du på denna sida:

IP Networking för fjärrdatavisning på klientdator

Notes to editors

Pico Technology designs and manufactures PC-based virtual instrumentation and data logging hardware/software for use in test and measurement applications.

Founded in the late 80s and based in Cambridge, Pico is recognised throughout the test and measurement community as a leading provider of innovative, low cost alternatives to traditional test equipment and data acquisition products.

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