Activities & Experiments suitable for the ADC200/50

Please note that this is not a complete list of the activities that can be performed with the ADC200/50, also many of the experiments can be carried out with our other PC based oscilloscopes. If you require any further advice, have any suggestions, or additional helpful notes please e-mail

Prior to the start of the course in September 2000, we are hoping to add written up examples of these activities to our library of science experiments. If you are interested in performing and writing up one or more of these activities, please e-mail in return for writing up a suitable experiment we will donate a FREE DrDAQ data logger to your school / college.

Chapter 2 : Sensing

Activity Name Notes
70D The speed of a pulse on coax cable Similar also to the speed of light experiment in our library of science experiments
100E Using a wide range of kinds of sensor This is also ideally suited to the DrDAQ data logger
260E Monitoring rapid changes in intensity This is better done with a scope than a data logger as the signals from the TV remote control are a bit too fast for DrDAQ.
300E Using temperature sensors Although the experiment suggests the use of a oscilloscope (as some data loggers are too slow) the DrDAQ data logger will be ideally suitable for this application
310E Monitoring vibration The bimorph element can be connected directly to the ADC200/50. As well as the scope waveform, have a look with the spectrum analyser, by using the peak detect option and sweeping through the frequencies, all the resonant frequencies will be displayed on a single graph.
320E The oscillations of a hacksaw blade For more info on connecting to strain guages, see our how to measure pages.

Chapter 3 : Signalling

Activity Name Notes
20D What do digital signals look like? We found using a photo diode designed for IR use a bit easier as it is less sensitive to ambient light. Interesting to speculate of the power of the pulse of light - how far away does a remote control work - compare say to a camera flashlight.
30D Data transfer on an optical fibre Don't forget to look at the spectrum view as well as the scope view.
40D Sampling vibrations on a string If you also have a DrDAQ an extension would be to use the built in microphone to display the spectrum of a string instrument.
60D Noise: A problem and a solution Again the spectrum analyser view is a powerful tool here.
180S Spectrum analysis: Going further Required for the optional extension
80E Looking at signal conversion The ADC200 is 8 bit (256 levels)
170E Spectrum analysis: Simple signals Use PicoScope to display both oscilloscope & spectrum views of the same signals.
200E Hearing impairment: Using an electronic filter Although it suggests a scope - the spectrum option may be more useful here. More information on audio spectrum analysis can be found here.

Chapter 4 : Testing Materials

Activity Name Notes
220P Measuring the speed of light This is covered fully in our speed of light science experiment

Chapter 6 : Wave Behaviour

Activity Name Notes
10D Loudspeaker and baffle Low cost crystal microphones can be plugged directly into the ADC200. Whilst you have this set up, consider also measuring the speed of sound
20P Path difference and phase differences Again, an ideal opportunity to measuring the speed of sound
110P Standing waves in sound Low cost crystal microphones can be plugged directly into the ADC200.
30E Hearing superposition Low cost crystal microphones can be plugged directly into the ADC200.
40E Beats: Mixing waves in time Low cost crystal microphones can be plugged directly into the ADC200.

Chapter 9 : Computing the next move

Activity Name Notes
25P Remote measurements of distance ADC2xx units have been used to detect sonar pings from bats & dolphins - probably not an practical class based experiment though!

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