EnviroMon data logging software

EnviroMon Data Logging Software

EnviroMon for Windows software

Each EnviroMon data logger is supplied with EnviroMon for Windows software, which is used for:

  • System configuration - naming sensors, setting alarm thresholds etc.
  • Download of data to a computer - for long term storage
  • Graphical analysis of data - either using inbuilt features or data can be exported to other software applications.
  • Publish data (graphs and raw data) to a website - see dynamic web pages for more information
  • Computer print-outs - print graphs, raw data, summary reports (including min / max / average values, etc) on any Windows compatible printer.

A remote PC can call up the logger to download data into EnviroMon for Windows by using the EL033 modem adaptor to connect the logger to a modem. (The PC must also be connnected to a modem.)

A demonstration version of the EnviroMon software can be downloaded for free.