DrDAQ data logger - sensors and accessories

As well as the built in sensors, DrDAQ has sockets for optional external sensors. When a sensor is plugged in to the external sensor sockets, the software detects it and automatically scales readings. For example if a temperature sensor is plugged in readings are displayed in C or if a humidity sensor is plugged in, readings are displayed in % RH.

External sensors are optional extras so can be purchased at any time. It is however cheaper to purchase sensors at the same time as a DrDAQ. See the pricing and ordering page for more information.

Details of the external sensor sockets are provided with DrDAQ. This allows users (and third party manufacturers) to develop their own sensors.

DrDAQ Temperature Sensors

temperature sensors

A high accuracy general purpose temperature sensor with a 2 metre lead. Suitable for air, surface or liquid measurements.

Range -10 to 105C
Resolution(at 25C) 0.1C 
Accuracy(at 25C) 0.3C 

DrDAQ pH electrode

pH sensor

pH is measured using a standard electrode with a BNC connector. Pico supplies a robust epoxy bodied pH electrode ideal for educational use. It covers the full 0 to 14pH range.

Size 12 x 120mm
Operating temperature 0 to 60C
Resolution 0.02pH

DrDAQ Humidity sensor

humidity sensor

Coming soon

An external humidity sensor will be available soon.

Sensor cable extension

5 metre sensor extension cables are available to enable sensors to be used further from the DrDAQ data logger.

Data Logging in Practise by Roger frost


Data logging book

Data Logging in Practice by Roger Frost

This 142 page book contains a huge number of experiment ideas for teachers. It was recently reviewed in the Association for Science Education (ASE) journal:

"Teachers cannot always define professional work, but they can always recognise it and this is a prime example. For a start, this book deals with the real world of schools, and invites the teacher, as a fellow professional, to analyse what is available, and to bounce ideas about. The greatest value of this book is in its first 30 odd pages. There are indexes and tables to relate the contents to the context of teachers. There are clever and helpful organisational suggestions. There is advice on types of sensors and choosing them for experiments. The experimental details are not concerned with what kind of hardware is used, but much more with the treatment of results. Relevant web sites are noted. Strongly recommended for all schools who intend to use this technique."

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