Digital oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer

The Pico ADC-212/3 PC Oscilloscope

  • 12 bit resolution
  • ±1% DC accuracy.
  • 3MS/s sampling rate
  • 32,000 sample waveform buffer
  • Simply plugs into any desktop or laptop PC
  • Supplied complete with PicoScope oscilloscope software

ADC-212 PC oscilloscope / Spectrum analyzer suitable Automotive, Audio, Noise and Vibration applications

The ADC-212/3 balances resolution, sampling rate, and cost to make an ideal general purpose oscilloscope. The 3 MS/s sampling speed and 32 kB waveform buffer makes the ADC-212/3 an ideal solution for high speed data acquisition.

The 12-bit resolution in the Y-axis gives the ADC-212/3 the ability to detect changes as small as 0.024 per cent. Conventional 8-bit oscilloscopes only have the ability to detect changes greater than 0.4%, but precision analogue and audio engineers require the ability to detect signal changes of less than 0.1 per cent.

Most digital storage oscilloscopes have front end amplifiers designed for high bandwidth, these products are no exception. Unlike most oscilloscopes however, the front end amplifiers also exhibit very low levels of noise and distortion. This low noise and distortion, combined with the 12 bit resolution gives an 80 dB dynamic range for the spectrum analyser.

For more information please view our application note on high resolution PC oscilloscopes

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