Monitoring temperatures in the food industry:

Coldwater (UK) Ltd use the EnviroMon system to monitor the temperature in the manufacture of fish fingers for major names in the food industry. The machine pictured is used to cook the breadcrumbs around the fish fingers before they are frozen. It contains two PT100 sensors, which are connected to the EnviroMon via the EL036 signal conditioning adapter.
Data from PT100 temperature sensors is stored automatically by EnviroMon and downloaded regularly to a computer in the main office for long term storage and graphical analysis: this saves time and is more reliable. The data is needed to assess that the machinery is functioning properly and is often called upon a long time after the data has been recorded. The computer is a far more efficient medium for storing data than the old fashioned chart recorder charts, which could easily be mislaid.
Before installing the EnviroMon, Coldwater had to rely on data collected by rotary chart recorders on each machine, which needed changing daily. In the rush of a busy morning this could often be forgotten, so no data would be recorded for that day.
EnviroMon systems have recently also been installed to monitor the cold rooms where fish is stored after delivery.

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